Posted by: David Green | January 8, 2010


With unusually cold weather in the past week it is easy to dismiss global warming as a figment of the imagination. But in the medium term, some climate models predict that global warming will make some regions colder!

Whatever happens, periods of exceptional cold are tough for wildlife. Most animals seem to hunker down to wait for better weather, since there is little food to be found in the frozen landscape. In cold periods, waste scraps of food are a welcome addition to the diet of garden birds.

Doves, doing their best to stay warm on a local lamp-post.

Ducks and geese also appreciate occasional handouts, although bread isn’t recommended.
Good food for wildfowl includes:

• Cracked corn, barley, oats, birdseed or other grains
• Frozen peas or sweetcorn (after they have been defrosted!)

Canada geese, hungry, but not unhappy, at a local pond

David Green

Curator of Mineralogy



  1. I think the BBC copied your animals buckling down angle….

  2. I dont think warming can cause cooling. The current cold is caused by arctic air which is from the pattern of the newly negative arctic oscillation. This is connected to a cooling PDO which lasts 20-30 years and started in recent years. Add to that a quiet sun and we have 3 cooling signals – all natural cycles.

  3. Although there is overwhelming evidence of anthropogenic warming on a global scale (an increase of about three quarters of a degree over pre-industrial levels), the temperature increase isn’t even and some climate models have predicted localised cooling in limited geographical areas in the medium term…

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