Posted by: David Gelsthorpe | January 15, 2010

Mass extinctions: do you care?

It may be a strange question, but one of the things we are looking at as part of our research for the new mammals gallery is people’s attitudes to nature. It’s really quite interesting when you think about it.

Here are some of my thoughts about people’s attitudes towards mass extinctions:

Jurassic Park

People who enjoy the experience of nature

Scientific interest

  • Research taking place all over the world and it is getting funded
  • Extinctions are really usefully markers, geological time is split up using extinctions

Religious views

  • Some people believe extinctions are caused by the hand of God e.g. Noah and the Great Flood

    Cayton Bay, Scarborough

  • Some people have very fatalistic religious views

Negative views of mass extinctions

We are trying to incorporate these sorts of views in to the new displays so they are meaningful to lots of people.

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