Posted by: David Gelsthorpe | February 19, 2010

Scottish Wild Cats

I’ve been looking into people’s pets and how they might relate to the new mammals gallery.

Lots of people don’t feel they have much of a connection to nature and the natural world and why would they? If you live in a city such as Manchester it is easy to think nature happens somewhere else and effects other people. Pets are a great way to connect with other animals and understand the behaviour of their wild cousins.

Scottish wild cats are a great example.

Most of us have come across a pet cat at some point in our lives and have seen them hunting, scent marking and even fighting! Many of these characters are the same Scottish wild cats which are one of the most threatoned mammals here in the UK. Scientists estimate there are only 400 left in the wild.

If you want to know more and support their conservation visit the Scottish Wildcat Association.


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