Posted by: henrymcghie | July 15, 2010

our new gallery gets a name- Living Planet

Hello- we have a name for our new gallery- and it’s ‘Living Planet’. This name was selected from a list of about 40 possibles. We selected the name based on: how well it communicates the main themes of the exhibition; how understandable it is in relation to our other galleries; how readily it could be used by our staff, especially our visitor services staff; how readily it conveys the sense of the intended visitor experience.

We (myself, the Head of Exhibitions, the Head of Marketing and the Director) selected ‘Living Planet’ as it does all of the above. We wanted to let visitors know that the reason we are producing this exhibition is because it relates to the world outside (if we called it a ‘life gallery’ then that describes what is in the room, rather than what goes on beyond the museum)- beyond the museum visit.

We thought that ‘Living Planet’ conveyed the message that we live on a dynamic planet, with complicated and interc0nnected processes going on- biological, climatic and geological.

Also, the message is fundamentally not one of doom and gloom- ok, we know that climate change and species loss are real and happening. But there is still a wonderful variety of things out there.  We want to encourage and empower our visitors to take notice and make positive choices in their lives- choices that will help to preserve and enhance the remaining diversity.

Let us know what you think of it!



  1. Sadly, Dying Planet would be more appropriate.

  2. A few little notes before I forget them…
    I was reading the other day (while researching for about how the thickness of egg shells that have been collected over time can sometimes be quite revealing regarding the issue of climate change, and later about the possible potential to use DNA parts found in the taxidermy of extinct animals (currently damaged beyond use, but who knows how things might develop).
    On a more general note, how will the fact that some of the displays in the exhibition are taxidermy be explored or referenced within your thematic framework? Or will they simply be displayed as representations of the natural world?

  3. In fact the title of living planet is quite ironic for the taxidermy exhibits! Though I appreciate that they are now enjoying their afterlife.

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