Posted by: henrymcghie | July 28, 2010

News from the Darwin summer school

Last week a group of 58 students aged 9-14 took part in a five-day summer school at the Manchester Museum. They worked on activities related to our current ‘Charles Darwin: evolution of a scientist’ exhibition and developed ideas around the themes of our forthcoming ‘Living Planet’ gallery. Over the course of the week, the group worked in four groups on different themes- how we have different attitudes to nature, how we use things from the natural world, how we can all make a positive difference and how we relate to animals in our everyday lives. The groups worked with museum staff, developed research skills at the university library and got up close with objects- both on the galleries and behind the scenes. After five energetic days, where they developed talks, took part in activities and made lots of materials- they gave group presentations to museum staff at the end of the week. The week was intended to develop students’ research and presentation skills. In addition, the materials they produced help to inform the development of our gallery and related activities (web and programmes). This is important as we need to know how successful our exhibitions are at reaching visitors.




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