Posted by: David Gelsthorpe | November 22, 2010

Minerals, an amazing resource

Minerals form fantastic resources which have saved thousands of f lives in medicine, enabled us create things of incredible beauty and helped us travel as far as the Moon. Although minerals are incredibly useful, it is important we use them responsibly and if possible sustainably.


The trapped miners in both Chile and now New Zealand have brought the hazards of mining onto the front pages of the news.

The miners in Chile were excavating copper and gold ore. The copper would eventually have been used in electrical equipment from computers to cars.

Mining can be a dangerous job, but is necessary if we want to maintain the modern world.



Minerals are a finite resource, which means one day they could run out. So what can we do to help? One of the best things we can do is recycle metal and electronic equipment. This way we will reduce the need for new sources of minerals and we can live more sustainably.


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