Posted by: katenaomiday | October 12, 2011

Nature and Me – Using Objects

Mixing up real fish with plastic fish.

Artist Naomi Kendrick and I have been inviting people with a specific or peculiar take on nature to share their interest or passion on film.  Each participant will take part in a creative workshop that we’ve designed to unpick what makes them tick.

In preparation for these workshops we explored the Living World Gallery and talked to Head of Collections Henry McGhie and Curator of Community Exhibitions Andrea Winn about sourcing objects from the collections that we wanted to include.  We’ll be mixing these up with a few of our own (like the plastic fish in this photo) and using them to get people thinking.

Naomi had tweeted some of the things on the list:

‘fox, blackbird, coffee bean, giant seed that looks like a bum, lava, dodo bones, fossilised egg, ape skull, tropical butterfly’

A tasty little shopping list!



  1. haha “giant seed that looks like a bum” is always a crowd pleaser.

    • Ha ha! The school kids all used to love it too for some reason !

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