Posted by: katenaomiday | October 21, 2011

Nature and Me – people wanted!

We need you

If you’re:

A diver

A weaver

If rats make you shiver

You collect things from the seas

Or you love honey from bees

We want you!

Enough poetry from me.  Seriously, we are looking for people who have very specific relationships with nature for a new project called Nature and Me linked to the Living Worlds Gallery at Manchester Museum.  This project will see participants talking on film about their personal passion (or passionate dislike) for nature.

We are already in touch with lots of people but some specialisms are harder to track down then others.  If you connect with one of the categories below and live in the Manchester area please get in touch with Andrea Winn (contact details here) who will forward me your details.

We cannot promise that you will be involved and you will be not be making a commitment by getting in touch (you can decide if it’s for you once you’ve spoken to us). Either way it would be nice to hear from you.

  • A diver
  • You’ve been involved in a natural disaster
  • You are passionate about a specific thing in the natural world
  • You have a passionate DISLIKE to something in the natural world
  • You have a phobia of something in the natural world (but are ok to talk about it)
  • You are an environmental journalist
  • You know about the symbolism of animals in astronomy
  • You know about heraldry
  • You train (or used to train) race horses
  • You’re a pigeon fancier or racer
  • You’re a champion flower grower
  • You’re a budding nature photographer
  • You make nature films
  • You’re a fisherman (or used to be)
  • You’re a freegan
  • You’re a fossil collector
  • You go on eco-holidays
  • You buy eco-friendly foods
  • You sponsor an animal

We keep everything really friendly and it’s about getting individual stories and telling them your way.  We’ll help you to find the best way to do that.  We’re looking for people from all walks of life so if you’re not sure if this is for you why not just get in touch and we can talk it through with you?


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