Posted by: henrymcghie | September 20, 2013

Recent nature-themed events

Hello- we’ve had quite a few nature-themed events lately. A few weeks back we had the Festival of Nature in Heaton Park, part of the BBC Summer of Wildlife. There were about 2,000 people there and fortunately the weather held pretty well. The best bit for me was the falconry, where the falconer flew a Barn Owl over the heads of a row of crouching children. The local bat group even had a selection of live bats that people could see. It was great  to see so many people, with very different interests, together in the park, celebrating (consciously or not) the human connection with nature.

I took part in a very different event yesterday, as part of the University of Manchester Welcome Week. About 40 Faculty of Life Sciences staff and students surveyed the quad in one of their fairly new buildings, the Michael Smith Building. Although the quad is a very well visited part of the department, no-one had noticed frogs there before, and we found four great big ones. There was an amazing array of wildlife in the pond, including dragonfly and mayfly larvae. The rosemary bush is badly eaten by the Rosemary Beetle, which I only heard of recently. The records of the species seen were submitted onto RODIS, a computer programme that sends the records to the Local Records Centre for posterity.


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