Posted by: henrymcghie | June 9, 2014

Fed by the Forest, Life Makes Sense

Finding Nature

This is a new blog and there are things to catch-up with, so this post is about two related research papers I tweeted earlier in the year. A more appropriate title would have been, ‘Meaning in Life and Connection to Nature’, but I felt that was a rather challenging title for a first post!

As it’s the first post let’s try to quickly cover some basics. As you’re already reading this, it’s likely you know about the state of nature and need for people to have a greater connection to nature, as being connected to the natural world is associated with greater pro-environmental behaviour and our own well-being. Nature connectedness is good for nature and good for you!

So how do we get people more connected, or reconnected to nature? That’s the main focus of my research just now, looking at the interventions and activities that can engage people with nature…

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