Posted by: henrymcghie | January 17, 2015

‘Dance of the Butterflies’ coming to Living Worlds soon

Living Worlds side with sheepThis week we’ve been preparing for Romuald Hazoume’s ‘Dance of the Butterflies’, due to open on 14th February. Romuald is one of the leading African artists of today, with work that reflects his interest in inequalities in Africa, explored through a sometimes playful approach. ‘Dance of the Butterflies’ is a specially commissioned piece that chimes with the themes of the Living Worlds gallery that I worked on in 2011. The gallery explores nature and people’s differing relationships with it, both collectively and individually. Romuald has produced a piece of work that will be exhibited in the gallery as a series of interventions, consisting of swarms of fabric ‘butterflies’, representing various political types in operation in society today. Hazoume has taken inspiration from the butterfly effect, a feature of chaotic systems, where small changes can lead to unexpected, faraway and large scale impacts.


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