Posted by: henrymcghie | March 27, 2016

Take me back to Manchester


We have a great exhibition opening at Manchester Museum (part of the University of Manchester) on Friday. Take me back to Manchester is an exhibition of illustrations by Oliver East, a Manchester-based artist. Last April, Oliver recreated the walk of Maharajah, an Asian Elephant, and his keeper Lorenzo Lawrence from Edinburgh to Manchester in 1872, when Maharajah moved to live in the famous Belle Vue Zoo in Gorton. After the walk, Oliver spent months drawing a full-length comic combining Maharajah’s story with Oliver’s own recollections of his experiences walking 200-odd miles in all weathers and environments. The exhibition has been specially prepared for the Museum, and Oliver has been busy preparing the illustrations for the last few weeks. His illustrations will  be shown within the Victorian display cases that surround Maharajah’s skeleton in our Manchester Gallery. Oliver’s comic is now on sale, and looks great.

‘Take me back to Manchester’ was co-commissioned by Manchester Museum and the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Oliver presented some of his work at the festival last October



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