Posted by: henrymcghie | April 16, 2016

Do Manchester’s parks matter to you?

Manchester has some great parks, providing people with a space to relax or exercise, to spend time with friends or get away from people, to walk the dog, listen to birds, feed the ducks, lots of things. Parks in towns and cities are enormously popular: people made 778 million visits to urban parks in 2014 (according to the Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment).

Manchester City Council are currently asking people to tell them what they value about Manchester’s parks. There is a short online survey here. Manchester has launched a new strategy for its development, based around making the city welcoming, attractive, a great place to live in, to work in, and to grow old in. Nature and greenspaces are recognised as being important in this mix: they more people who tell the council the same thing, the more it helps make the case for our parks and greenspaces.


Heaton Park, by Mike Peel

The largest park in Manchester is Heaton Park, in north Manchester, covering 600 acres. There are lots of things to do: golf, a petting zoo, events at the old farm building, various monuments and buildings to see.   There are a string of parks along Oxford Road, including the Whitworth Park, Platt Fields Park and Birchfields Park. These are great green spaces, where you can even see parakeets flying around. Peel Park in Salford, by the Irwell, was one of the first public parks in England, opened in 1846, as was Queens Park in Harpurhey.

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