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The curious case of the ‘extinct’ thylacine…

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Museums and the climate challenge

Hello this is just a quick update on some of the things I/we’ve been doing in Manchester. It’s been quite a whirlwind couple of months, so I’ll use that as an excuse for not updating this blog more regularly. In February I organised a conference on climate change communication, along with Walter Leal of Manchester Metropolitan University and Hamburg University. We had 100 delegates from 25 countries, exploring challenges and best practice in not just communication the information about climate change, but focussing on how we can inspire action and confidence. I did a talk based on the experience of Climate Control (2016) and Living Worlds (2011). The short version is that we know information on climate change just isn’t enough to inspire and encourage action. In fact, the depressing imagery of polar bears and graphs showing steep curves up or down has been shown to be WORSE THAN DOING NOTHING. Excuse the SCARY CAPITALS, but I think it’s really important to emphasise this point. The media loves a scary image, but these are not the kind of thing that will support and enable action. I’ll have a lot more to say on this subject. In our Climate Control exhibition, we focussed on combining information on climate change- what it is, what causes it, its impacts- with lots and lots and lots of opportunities for people to get hands-on, express themselves, share their ideas, make a new Manchester out of Lego, and lots more besides.

In February, I was very privileged to spend a week with a fantastic group of people as Creative Climate Leaders, at the Centre for Alternative Technology at Machynlleth in Wales. We explored what matters most to us, what we and our organisations have to offer in terms of meeting the climate challenge.


visitors added black stickers to the Climate Control exhibition to represent their carbon footprint- the idea was around collective impact

Source: Journeys across the sea and beyond: talking about current issues at Manchester Museum

Egypt at the Manchester Museum

Zahed Taj-Eddin’s ‘Shabtis: Suspended Truth’ to feature at Manchester Museum

Responding to the current political debate on the subject of migration, Manchester Museum has commissioned a gallery installation by Syrian-born artist Zahed Taj-Eddin, which reflects on the Museum’s world-class Egyptology collection. Zahed Taj-Eddin was inspired particularly by Manchester Museum’s extensive collection of shabti figurines, which were placed in large numbers in tombs to act as servants for the afterlife. He has previously created 99 faience ceramic ‘Nu’ Shabtis for popular shows at the V&A, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and elsewhere.

Zahed’s new work places a multitude of his ‘Nu’ Shabti figures in new and unexpected contexts, many suspended as if floating in the main Ancient Worlds gallery space. The focus of the installation is to reflect the experience of migrants on a boat travelling across the Mediterranean towards a new existence.
Zahed said: “For this new installation I decided to suspend my ‘Nu’ Shabtis in the Museum

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Museum wanderings

Welcome back! Hey guys! I hope you have all have had a fab Christmas, and that exams were not too horrendous! I am currently writing this on the train to Glasgow so I’ll be quick – this is just a s…

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Announcing the first cohort of Creative Climate Leadership participants for 2017 25 Creative Climate Leaders have been selected from 109 applications. Creative Climate Leadership (CCL), a new pan-European programme for artists and cultural professionals exploring the cultural dimensions of climate change, has announced today the names of the 25 participants. 13 of this year’s participants … Read more Creative Climate Leadership Participants March 2017

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Extinction or Survival?

At Manchester Museum… Hello everyone! Last week I went to the press release preview of Manchester museum’s new exhibition – ‘Extinction or Survival,’ and it was so goo…

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White gulls dependent on ice are disappearing from the Arctic

Melting sea ice may be one of the factors driving ivory gulls to whiter pastures as they search for food

Source: White gulls dependent on ice are disappearing from the Arctic

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Why Our Connection with Nature Matters

Nature is good for us, but why? There’s plenty of evidence that exposure to nature is good for people’s health, well-being and happiness – with green spaces even promoting pro-social behaviours. Ho…

Source: Why Our Connection with Nature Matters

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2017 Global Infectious Diseases Threats to the United States

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases co-Editor-in Chief Peter Hotez predicts the major infections that will threaten the US in the coming year. By the fall of 2015 it was pretty clear that Zika virus infection was going to threaten much of Latin America and the Caribbean, and shortly thereafter I wrote how 2016 would become the year of Zika, highlighting the vulnerability of our US Gulf Coast, Texas and Florida. Insect-transmitted diseases in Texas, Florida, and the US Gulf Coast.  Zika transmission has begun in South Texas and it will likely continue into next year.  Indeed, we have to be alert for the likelihood that Zika transmission will become widespread next summer as Aedes aegypti populations predictably rise again. I also fear that we missed multiple Zika outbreaks in 2016 due to lack of federal funds and active surveillance across the US Gulf Coast.  We won’t know the full extent of the 2016 Zika outbreak until next spring if and when microcephalic babies appear on obstetrical

Source: 2017 Global Infectious Diseases Threats to the United States

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